JGK Consulting

Fertilizing advice for commercial agriculture, smallholdings, nurseries and home gardens.

This advisory service was initiated by Dr J G K Coetzee (Hannes) who is since 1968 involved in research, extension on fertilisation of crops. During this period the degrees MSc Agric (Soil Science) and DSc Agric (Horticulture) were obtained. Many study tours to other countries also helped to write ”Fertilisation of Citrus” and “Irrigation of Citrus” on behalf of CRI in 2006. Study guides on fertilisation and water were also wrote for the SA Citrus Academy. Since fertilisation and irrigation involve water quality a handbook on interpretation of analytical results of water was compiled.

This independent fertiliser advisory service started in 2003 making 43 years experience widely available to commercial producers of fruit and nuts, vegetables, field crops and, pastures as well as plant nurseries. The same quality service is also available to nurseries and owners of small holdings and home gardeners.

The fertilisation advice is based on soil and leaf analyses supported by other crop information such as yield, quality and related parameters. The fertilisation program is formulated for optimal yield at the lowest cost. No sales of fertilisers are involved and the best product that can do the job at the lowest cost is selected.

Dr Coetzee is a full member of SACNSAP, SASSCON, GVSA and IHS and a practicing agricultural scientist.

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