This page contains all frequently asked questions. Feel free to browse this page, if you cannot find what you are looking for please click on the button below to ask your question.

Buying an Online Course

How do I buy a course from Tuit Online ?

Buying a course is simple. Firstly, register an account on this online shop. You can then select any course or multiple courses and add them to your shopping basket. After you finished your selection proceed to the Shopping Cart option and follow the simple steps to payment. The rest happens automatically after we receive your payment.

Does Tuit Online offer degree courses?

Unfortunately not, at the moment we offer various Short Courses and Programmes, as well as Workplace Learning Programs that run over a couple of weeks to a month each depending on your course.

My credit card has been declined, what do I do?

We suggest finding an alternative form of payment, such as an internet transfer, for example.  If you are still stuck you can contact our offices for further assistance.

Do I need to buy textbooks in addition to buying the course?

No.  Everything you need to complete your course is found online and most material is downloadable via pdf.

How do I access my course once I have paid?

All information regarding your course, the required links, logins etc will be sent to you via email as soon as payment is confirmed.  Be sure to use an email address you have regular access to.

Short Online Programmes

When does a course start after I buy it?

It depends on the course itself, however the business short courses start on the 1st day of each month. Therefore, if you purchase the course online and make your payment by the 25th of the month, you will start your course on the 1st day of the following month.

I need more information about a course. Where can I get it ?

As our courses run online and on the internet, we try and load as much detail about a course in the shop. So before we start mailing information to you, have a look at the course of your choice on the Tuit Shop and make sure to scroll down to the datasheet and further information. All our courses have all the additional information loaded and they also have a SAMPLE course each which you can access to see what the course looks like online in your browser.

What do I get after I complete my short course?

Should you fulfill all the prerequisites of the course, you will receive a certificate.

Is the quality of an online course the same as campus-based courses?

Yes, online courses are held to the same high standard as the campus-based courses, and are written by experienced lecturers. 


Post Graduate & SLP

Can I do a full degree online from the University of Free State ?

Unfortunately not. The Business School does offers various full degree options for further study but not as distance learning options or online via the internet.


Internet & Online

What is meant by "Online Learning" which Tuit offers ?

Online learning refers to receiving your learning material mostly on the internet through your browser such as Chrome or Internet Explorer. Your assignments and quizes are also completed online on the learner management system and will be graded on the internet.

Can I also download my learning material from each course and print it out ?

Yes, you can. Each course is broken into modules, and each module is downloadable in a PDF format. If you choose to not review the material online on your browser, you simply download the module and you can also print it out. Also refer to Assignments online.

Do I need internet access to study 'Online' ?

Yes. If you study ‘online courses’ such as supplied by Tuit Online, you need internet access.

Does online learning use a large amount of internet data ?

No, not if you study with Tuit Online. Tuit has made sure to develop its courses to use minimum internet data. It is safe to say that you can comfortably use your 3G data-card all the way through to ADSL fast internet to study with us.

I don't have a computer at home? Can I still take an online course?

You can take an online course as long as you have access to the Internet on a computer or tablet that you can use on a regular basis.

About Tuit

Who is Tuit?

Tuit is a online learning service provider. We help educators put their learning material online and then also assist in selling the online courses. 


Completing a Course

Do I have to write my final exam in a classroom?

No, the entire course including your final assignment is done online, there is no requirement to travel.

What can I expect with taking an online course?

Expect to spend at least as much time (and possibly more time) on an online course as you would on a traditional course.  

Use the Internet as a tool, get used to browsers, e-mail, plug-ins, and any software being used in your course. 

What do I do if I get stuck halfway through my course?

You can direct your questions to our Support Desk by emailing support@tuit.co.za or create a support ticket at http://support.tuit.co.za.

What if I get delayed getting online and struggle to finish on time?

Do not wait until the end of the course to contact us if you have fallen behind.  Get hold of us as soon as possible by emailing support@tuit.co.za or creating a support ticket at http://support.tuit.co.za.

Using a LMS

What is an LMS?

We use an LMS (Learner Management System) to present the actual course material, which is different from the system that runs our Shop. The LMS is called Canvas LMS. We use the LMS because we do academic & University level courses. These academic courses are highly graded with quizzes, assignments and discussions as well as the students private information. This requires a larger system for control and to comply to University standards, along with better tracking and record keeping abilities for courses with qualifications.

How do I Login for the first time?

We create you as a student with your initial information on our LMS.  The LMS runs online from a website (in the cloud) and you can access the login screen at http://lms.tuit.co.za.  You can change all your login details for the LMS once you are logged in. Remember we only keep your initial login details so if you lose your password after changing it, you will need to request your password from the LMS login screen. 

How do I find my course?

Once you have entered your login details you will be taken to your home screen. Click on COURSES from the top dropdown menu and select your course. All the courses you are enrolled for will be listed under this heading. Courses that show as inactive have either not started as yet or are already finished. Check your course dates if you are unsure.   

Tuit Terminology

Student Registration

To register yourself as a Tuit student, create an account on our shop http://shop.tuit.co.za/. Then, simply  pay for your course to move onto the Enrollment process.

Course Registration

Course Registration is completed by the Tuit Admin team on your behalf, once you have paid for your course.  We also refer to this as course enrollment.

Course Enrollment

As with registration, the Tuit team takes care of this on your behalf and will send you an email with your login details, start and end dates, course structure and requirements.  All you need to do is login and get started!