The challenge that is planning and forecasting.

“I think the challenge in life is to not plan too far ahead, but also not plan to soon or not at all.”

If you are planning too far ahead you will soon realize life and the universe have other plans. Planning too soon creates a feeling of claustrophobia and lack of overall vision which leads to feeling directionless.

My solution is to identify the minimum and critical performance required from a particular direction and path. Don’t plan beyond this direct target in front of you, because the outcomes will fall away if the criteria aren’t met and you will  have wasted your time.

Planning too far ahead goes against the Chaos Theory, and we all know that Chaos rules…

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Business & Information Technology

This course will help participants in understanding the role of technology in business.

Entrepreneurship & Innovation

The course aims to equip the participant to be able to successfully identify and assess his/her own opportunity and to write a business plan for the new opportunity.

Financial Management & Cost Accounting

The course is predominantly directed at any functional line managers working with finances.

Foundation Skills

The aim of this course is to equip participants with academic reading and writing skills, which i

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