BEE – Shareholders are not the only way to comply!

None really speaks up for BEE anymore. If they do, they say very few people actually benefit from the legislature, they say the intention may be good, but the application has been poor, they say it is not monitored correctly.

Considering how vital BEE ratings are and how important skills development has become, employers are looking for learnerships and internships to help maintain good BEE numbers. Young professionals with little to no experience learn and grow from the programs while companies gain team members who help with the work-load and keep up compliance.

It would be a win-win, except…

who has the time to truly mentor a young professional, fresh from a varsity classroom? What contributions can this young professional truly make to the company?

Only too often do internships and learnerships mean young, eager professionals are wasting away in fully supplied offices, unable to help their colleagues and only able to meet their mentors once every month. This helps no one and wastes the Skills Development Levy employers contribute towards every month.

Developing your full-time employees for their improvement and the empowerment of your organisation ensures that not only do you partner with institutions that educate your employees, you also partner with your employees. One of the keys to a successful business is a good partnership. Placing the responsibility in the hands of employees means that success and development for them is success and development for their employers and their organisation -making this controversial legislature fair for yourself, yo

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ur business and your employees.

SDL has a purpose – your company and staff should be benefiting from it

A company can only stand to gain from training and developing its employees, we all know this. Yes, skills development is important – we would all like to see staff grow and prosper but how do we turn this into a reality? Any employee will tell you themselves that at least one of their skills and/or education can stand to be improved or is missing completely. The major stumbling block that stops most companies is a lack of time, relevant resources for employees and/or understanding.

The Skills Development fund exists but what exactly is it and what processes take place for a company to be funded? Who really has the claim to this money?

The key here is enrolling full-time staff to studies that are relevant and useful to their work. Relevant to the extent where their studies are made specifically for them, their profession and their availability as full-time employees. Essentially customising relevant and important educational programs according to their need for development.

Our WLP programs can leverage your SDL claim for BEE benefits by training existing staff.

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The key to fusing SDL and BEE to put your company and staff at the advantage

Companies often see government regulations as hoops to jump through to run a business. Skills Development Levy and Black Economic Empowerment are two regulatory legislatures that often fall victim to this perception. This is unfortunate because at their core their intention is to improve organisations and their staff. BEE compliance allows organisations participation in the formal South African economy, in part

icular, BEE compliance acquires you the ability to bid for government tenders, apply for licenses and be favorably considered for procurement’s by the Public sector and other BEE verified enterprises. SDL, on the other hand, is the framework designed to improve the skills and development of employees. Certain employers have to contribute to this fund to ensure that funding is available for the development of employees, but the problem arises when the money is available for companies to claim and they don’t seem to know how to use it to its best effect.

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