Time is a commodity we all wish we could have a little extra of. Reality is our modern lives are busier than ever before. Learning how to manage this resource along with task prioritisation is a valuable means to achieving success in the online learning arena.

We briefly touched on the ways in which time can be managed in a previous blog post and the importance thereof as a means to get qualified in online studies. Let’s explore some of the suggestions for efficient time management in greater detail:

Get the course timeline

Once you know how long your course will be,

you will be in a position to plan what is required in terms of your own time to firstly go through all of the content and secondly what input is required of you and at what intervals. By input we refer to the submission of quizzes, assignments and discussions that may form part of the course criteria.

Blocks of study time and breaks

Make a physical timetable for yourself, where you block of periods of study at regular intervals, with your own limitations. We suggest breaking times into smaller blocks rather than one prolonged session. For example, if your course requires 5 hours of online time per week, rather take 1 hour every evening than spending 5 hours in one evening. Your brain will digest information better in smaller chunks.

Block off certain times for the submission of quizzes, assignments and discussions. Make sure they are submitted before the due dates.

Regular Breaks

If you are required to spend prolonged periods in front of the PC, remember to take regular breaks. Take a 5-10 minute break for every hour you are online, stretch your legs and then continue.[

Weekly Reviews

Weekly reviews and updates are also an important strategy for success. Pick a day every week where you go over the previous weeks content and ensure that you are confident that you have understood everything. Also use this time to check that you have submitted what was required of you.

Life Happens

We all start off with good intentions and then inevitably something outside of our control happens to completely side-line our good intentions to get online and study. Don’t let this take you completely off course. Adjust your timetable and keep going. In extreme circumstance, speak to your online support person to see if a postponement is possible.

Getting Help

If you get stuck with content or requirements, get in touch with your online course provider or lecturer and get help as soon as possible. A delay like this can seriously affect your ability to finish. Remember that this remains your responsibility; the course provider cannot gauge what you need but will be more than willing to assist if you communicate with them.

The bad news is.. time flies.

The good news is.. you are the pilot.

                                                                             – Michael Altshuler


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