Recently, we have been focusing on educational topics to assist our students and institutions with dealing with an ever changing technology environment.  This blog article however, we have changed the focus a little, to shed some light on personal learning, and its importance for ‘survival’, in this current environment.

What does it take, not only to survive, but to thrive?

We believe there are 3 means to achieving a positive learning mindset, which in turn creates its own solutions:

1.  Create a Culture of Learning

Adults have stopped learning.  Has the advent of the computer created a lazy generation with a high sense of expectation?

As school children we are directed into a channel of learning where we are told what to do and how to do it.  When we leave school, we are suddenly no longer directed in a formal structure, unless we have strong adult guidance.  This guidance could include financial backing, seeing the young adult moving to a higher education environment before heading for the job market.  Once in the job market, learning slows.  It becomes easier and more convenient to find others with greater knowledge to assist where we are lacking.  The internet has information on anything and everything you may need.  Use this resource to assist yourself before delegating or asking the question of someone else.

2.  Ask How/Why – Figure Things Out

This culture of learning is stimulated by asking questions.  Find out the hows and whys of every situation.  Do not merely settle for another’s opinion, but find your own answers.

Within a business environment, having additional knowledge makes you irreplaceable.  Be a problem solver, this will create personal value beyond that which is gained by a qualification.  Education and constant learning is vital to growing as both a person and an employee.

3.  Take Responsibility

In our fast moving world it has become common practise to look for a quick fix, getting someone else to solve the problem faster than it would take us to do it ourselves.  By doing this we place responsibility in an external entity.  Taking the responsibility to find the solution/answers for yourself empowers you with knowledge.  Finding answers can relate to business activities, relationships, general life issues, any area of our lives can gain benefit from this way of thinking.

In summary, developing a culture of learning for yourself by questioning and taking responsibility for your knowledge, will empower you to be a better employee, manager, family member and member of society.

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