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TOC Fundamentals. Gain the insights of the foundation of the Theory of Constraints that is essential for deep understanding of the applications and the thinking processes.

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The course sample only includes some topic headings and minimal content but serves as en example of the system and content.

TOC Fundamentals

After successful completion the student will receive a TOCSA completion Certificate.

This course is the start of your journey into the secrets of the Theory of Constraints (ToC). Actually not secret at all.  There is a huge amount of study material available online in the form of books, insights, Youtube videos, presentations, articles, free ebooks, kindle books, websites, etc. With a lot of endurance and time, you can work through it and become very knowledgeable.

Becoming proficient in delivering rapid growth with ToC rules requires experience in its use.  Applying the rules always remains a learning process that is never ending. These courses enable you to start the learning.

In this course participants will learn to:

  1. Understand the structure of the TOC programme.
  2. See how TOC basic assumptions overcome the obstacles to clear thinking.
  3. Understand the TOC operational financial metrics.
  4. Know how to determine organizational inherent potential for improvement.
  5. Understand how to make good decisions for the organisation as a whole.
  6. See the devastating effects of local optima.
  7. Understand how to apply TOC management thinking.

Course Content

  1. Introduction to the Course
  2. The ToC Mindset and Throughput Thinking
  3. P&Q Feedback


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Philip Viljoen

Hons B.Eng. (Civil); MBL; Jonah Jonah

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