TOC: Production and Supply Chain (3 of 4)


Course Overview

Gain deep insights into production and supply chain the ToC way.

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The course sample only includes some topic headings and minimal content but serves as en example of the system and content.

TOC Production and Supply Chain

After successful completion the student will receive a TOCSA completion Certificate.

We derive the supply rules from the 5 focusing steps and the generic flow rules and then apply them to production, supply chain and projects. In this way, we demonstrate the simplicity and elegance of all the ToC delivery solutions. We emphasise whole system's thinking throughout.

Subsequent courses will focus on one of the applications and the full understanding to implement solutions.

In this course participants will learn to:

  1. Know how to design a good flow system for an extended supply chain.
  2. Know how to develop a schedule for a Capacity Constrained Resource.
  3. Know how to size time, inventory and capacity buffers.
  4. Understand using buffer status as priority system.
  5. Can maximise the performance of the GSIM production simulator.

Course Content

  1. The GSIM production simulator.
  2. Identifying the Capacity Constrained Resource (CCR).
  3. Devising a schedule for the CCR.
  4. Buffer management.
  5. Determining time buffer size.
  6. Determining inventory buffer size.
  7. Determining the size of capacity buffers.
  8. Design of a good supply chain flow system.
  9. Replenishing frequently to daily orders – the real pull to obey.
  10. Dynamic buffer management.
  11. The detailed rules.

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Philip Viljoen

Hons B.Eng. (Civil); MBL; Jonah Jonah

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