Bookshop Operations


Course Overview

Everything you need to know when opening and running a bookshop: from negotiating lease agreements to fitting out, staffing and turning on the lights. A comprehensive guide to the steps required to open and run a bookshop, including lease management, shopfitting, logistics, cash management and staffing.

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Bookshop Operations

After successful completion the student will receive a SABA completion Certificate.

The operations of a business is about making the business profitable and efficient. This course provides you with an overview of procedures you should follow in the running of your bookshop.

In this course participants will learn to:

  1. Find the right space for your bookshop
  2. Negotiate the right lease agreement from the word go
  3. Employ the right shopfitters
  4. Build a bookshop fit for its market and purpose
  5. Staff shifts appropriately
  6. Put in place all the required logistics
  7. Be aware of all the administrative processes required to run a bookshop
  8. Manage your cash safely and effectively
  9. Protect your stock and know how to deal with theft

Course Content

  1. Lease management
  2. Shopfitting
  3. Operational basics
  4. Bookshop logistics
  5. Shift management
  6. Daily administration
  7. Managing shrinkage


Your Lecturer for this online course: Bookshop Operations


Jen Cook

Jen started as a casual bookseller working evenings and weekends at the Exclusive books in Sandton when it was still called The Bookworm whilst studying towards her BSc in Botany. After graduating she completed 3 years of Architecture but soon realized that her heart was in the bookshop. Jen worked at the Sandton branch first as a full time bookseller, then as the Children's bookseller and finally as the Deputy Store Manager, she then left Exclusive Books to work as a sales rep for Random House and soon after became the Product Manager for Random House. She has also worked for a training company where her love of teaching was ignited and has thus returned to Exclusive Books combining her love of bookselling and teaching by taking up the position of Training Co-coordinator for Exclusive Books.

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