Young people have the innovative solutions to transform the sector; there are various opportunities for a range of expertise – not just farmers.

Young people need to broaden their minds in not thinking of being a farm worker of a farm owner. Farming colleges are not doing students justice, but have the potential to produce the best young farmers in the world.

The organisations should encourage the renovation of agriculture as a sector to support the growth of industry and services. It makes life easier for people because it is a way of supplying the basic human needs. In the same way, many of the plants that grow in various parts of the world, are being used for medications.   

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There’s no excuse for us not to produce young farmers. We do have the right infrastructure. It’s just a matter of right governance, management, and the proper curriculum.

Tapping into the right talent in agriculture

Not enough young people in South Africa see significant opportunities or appeal in the agricultural sector.

There are many careers in the space that can be harnessed by young people. You can find strategists, IT

technicians, business development managers who work in the background to make sure that farmers are prosperous. Do you want to be part of the significant opportunity in the agricultural sector?

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