People Management

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Programme Overview

This people management training programme will provide your managers with the relevant skills to motivate staff and the best out of their people. Your managers will be energised by the interactive nature of the training.

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People Management

After the successful completion of the programme, the student will receive a certificate (NQF level 5) issued and endorsed by the UFS. Recognition to the Higher Certificate in Management Development is available.

People (human resources) are viewed by most experts as the most important asset of any organisation. Managing the people within an organisation is often the most challenging and complex task required of a manager. The objective of the course is to teach the basic principles of human resource management — how an organisation acquires, rewards, motivates, uses, and generally manages its people effectively.

In this programme participants will learn to:

  1. Manage oneself and people with different behavioural styles.
  2. Facilitate self-understanding and emotional intelligence in order to enhance personal effectiveness.
  3. Equip the participant with stress management skills.
  4. Understand the role of human resource planning within the strategic environment of an organisation.
  5. Perform a job analysis as part of the human resource planning process.
  6. Understand and apply best practices in the recruitment and selection processes.
  7. Understand job evaluation methods, specifically within a South African context.
  8. Effectively manage the performance and motivation of employees.
  9. Understand and apply the various steps in the human resources training and development process in practice.
  10. Apply the principle of ensuring a significant return on investment of training interventions planned and implemented.
  11. Understand career management and the function thereof in the human resource system.

Programme Content

  1. Human Resource Planning, Recruitment and Selection
  2. Training and Development
  3. Motivation
  4. Career Management
  5. Performance Management
  6. Job Evaluation


Your Lecturer for this online Programme: People Management

Joanita Radivoev
MCom Business Management



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