Ethics & Governance

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Programme Overview

The question of ethics, or ‘what is the correct way to run a business’ forms a crucial part of the governance of every corporate decision-making process. Learn more about the importance of ethics and governance in this programme.

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Ethics & Governance

After the successful completion of the programme, the student will receive a certificate (NQF level 5) issued and endorsed by the UFS. Recognition to the Higher Certificate in Management Development is available.

The aim of Ethics & Governance is to provide participants with an understanding of ethics and how it influences life choices.

There is an implicit assumption in the study of Public Administration and Management that the study applies to democratic states (whatever that means). The implication is that democratic ethos and Public Administration and Management ethos have to be reconciled, especially in the practice of the discipline. To revolutionalise the practice of public administration and management, a firm grounding in ethics is essential. Arguing from the premise that political representatives and public officials guilty of unethical behaviour are knowledgeable and have had some schooling, it is reasoned that such occurrences can be kept to a minimum with better ethical grounding .

Evidence suggests that greater demands in organisations, both public and private, now and in the future, will place increased emphasis on ethical conduct and professional skills.

In this programme participants will learn to:

  1. Understand governance is South Africa, specifically in relation to the legal framework.
  2. Have a proper understanding of corporate ethics and learn how to avoid high risk areas.

Programme Content

  1. Ethics and Governance
  2. Applied Ethics


Your Lecturer for this online Programme: Ethics & Governance

Chris Hendriks
Public Administration and Management



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