At Tuit we like to define this disruption: “The influence on a Supply Chain by technology”.  In terms of your education requirements, this refers to the change from how an institution subscribed to a certain extent how you would learn and where, to a shift with technology where you as a student are now able to choose where, how and when you study – with almost an infinite number of choices.

We now have the power of choice, and if the offering is not to our liking, we are free to study elsewhere.

With Choice comes Responsibility

We have mentioned this before in a previous blog, but the importance of this shift on the student cannot be underestimated.  This disruption has led to institutions needing to ‘up their game’ to stay on the positive side of the change.  However, students also have to ‘up their game’ to succeed within this change.

Taking more responsibility for time planning, study schedules, and self-motivation becomes critical to the students success.  Keeping in mind that it is now as convenient for your colleagues to study on their own time at their own pace, competition is stronger than ever.

Technology identifies better Choices

Technology also allows institutions to make use of big data analytics to identify exactly what a student needs, and what the pro

blem areas are so that the companies can make informed decisions on what to offer students.

Tuit makes use of several best of breed mechanisms to determine via data collected from our students, what your needs are and how we can go about addressing them in the best way possible.  Our entire online offering has been built around what is best for the student from their perspective and how we are an education provider can best supply education to our students.

We understand that education is a social and not a technology activity and the importance of maintaining social interaction in all that we do.  From the level of support, we offer, right down to the interactions with lecturers and fellow students.

Tuit will be offering discussions on these and other exciting technology issues via our Facebook Page on Facebook Live, every Thursday at 7PM. 

Please join us and get up to speed with technology! 


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