Workplace Learning is the future of successful business.

No time for training? Always working?

Tuit offers a range of University accredited online courses aimed at working employees.

Benefits if talking to us for staff training:

  • Students can study while they work for a University qualification.
  • Your business get leveraged BEE benefit.
  • Your Skills Development Levy claim will never be so positive.

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Business Clients

Business clients get tremendous financial and skills benefit without using more internal resources.

Working Students

Students can work and study at the same time. Best of both worlds.

For the next big thing in staff empowerment and business benefit!

Our Category B accredited courses are based on the same model as a learnership product, accepts it is sold and deployed on existing mid level staff, while they are fully employed. Benefits include SDL claim of the staff salary during their studies and many more.

The student can work and study with the knowledge of being involved in a University learning path.


Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.

Benjamin Franklin


How we work

Goal-driven solution for workplace training

We offer best in industry workplace learning.

Clients as partners

Workplace learning built for longevity with customers using push reporting.


We train your student so your business can get the benefit.

Quality over quantity

We are best known for our student and client management.