X2CRM System Training (GROUP BOOKING)


Overview of Face To Face Workshop

Begin your journey into understanding X2CRM as a Customer Relations Management (CRM) tool. This practical workshops shows you how to setup and run a CRM system and includes examples of sales pipeline management, marketing automation.

The workshops highlight the powerful cloud functions of having the right CRM system together with a prepared website.

NOTE: Order ONE workshop for 10 students per workshop.

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X2CRM System Training

To show customers how to use the X2CRM cloud software to its highest capability.

  1. Workshops are presented in short, onsite, face to face sessions.
  2. A workshop ends with a self paced quiz to be completed at the clients discretion.
  3. Each workshop can have up to 10 students for each order. So if you order, remember order a workshop for each group of 10 students.

By the end of this workshop, participants should

  1. Be comfortable using the X2CRM system comfortably
  2. Understand how to use the various functions of the LMS to best practise

Workshop outline & Topics:

Beginner workshop we look at the system functionality to use and work with X2CRM.

The syllabus for this workshop includes:

  1. What is CRM
  2. CRM Approach
  3. What is CRM supposed to do
  4. CRM and today’s technology with Social
  5. Market products and competitors
  6. What is important
  7. CRM Operations
  8. X2CRM
  9. Technology
  10. Initial setup & implementation
  11. X2CRM Interface and layout
  12. Modules overview
  13. Interface usage
  14. Grid view
  15. Record view
  16. Important things to remember
  17. How thinks work
  18. Introduction to workflows & example
  19. Final quiz and homework

Intermediate Workshop topics and modules in this course include:

  1. Interface overview and discussion
  2. Grid view filtering
  3. Admin module
  4. Overview of roles & groups
  5. eMails setup
  6. Setup outbound client ex Sendgrid & testing
  7. Contacts
  8. How to best use tags
  9. Lists
  10. Dynamic
  11. Static
  12. Documents
  13. Creating responsive emails
  14. Marketing
  15. e-Mail
  16. Creating campaigns
  17. sending individual emails
  18. Basic web-forms
  19. Workflows Basic
  20. Creating n trigger and marketing automation
  21. Processes overview
  22. Creating processes
  23. Activate financial pipeline view
  24. Quotes and invoicing
  25. Leads and opportunities
  26. Reports
  27. Creating basic reports
  28. Creating charts from reports

Advanced Workshop topics and modules in this course include:

  1. Interface overview and discussion
  2. Development
  3. Data structure
  4. Comparing MySQL to interface
  5. How records link
  6. Creating
  7. Dropdowns
  8. Fields
  9. Forms
  10. Modules
  11. How to check
  12. Web tracker
  13. Web forms
  14. working with cookies
  15. Workflows advanced
  16. Using Triggers
  17. Using attributes
  18. Stringed attributed
  19. Update records and fields
  20. Autofill fields
  21. Web forms
  22. Setup and options
  23. Report
  24. Creating advanced reports
  25. Creating charts from reports

Workshops outside of Gauteng include travel and accommodation for the event.

Your Lecturer for this workshop: X2CRM System Training

 Eugene Beetge

Salez | Team Leader
Sales & Marketing Specialist


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