Digital Citizenship for Families


Course Overview

Digital Citizenship for Families is a program aimed at each member of the family to understand the technological world they are living in today.

This pack contains:

Digital Citizenship – Adults (DCF)
Digital Citizenship – Kids (Ages 8-12) (DCF)
Digital Citizenship – Teens (Ages 13-18) (DCF)
Digital Citizenship – Young Kids (Ages 0-7) (DCF)


Digital Citizenship – Families (Cyber World)

After the successful completion of the course, the student will receive a Tuit certificate of completion

It’s clear that digital citizenship is considered as different things by different people, and many people equate it with online safety, as well as something that is mainly for young students. In schools digital citizenship is sometimes focused on concepts such as cyber safety, a term that is itself often used interchangeably with digital citizenship.

This courses which will teach you as the parent, guardian or educator about the well-being of your child in the cyber world as well as how you as the parent, guardian or educator can protect yourself from the outside world in terms of scammers, identity thieves etc.

Take a virtual tour through our courses which will teach you as a teenager, kids and young kids about your well-being in the cyber world as well as the insights of how you as a teenager, tween and young child can protect yourself from the horrifying insights of the outside world in terms of protecting your digital image, online gaming etc.

In this course participants will learn to:

  1. Distinguish between the major dangers of the cyber-world.
  2. Be able to protect yourself and your child in any online situation and to help your child with any online dangers.
  3. Be able to surf the cyber-world safely and in an aware manner.

Program Outline

  1. This program consists of four smaller age appropriate courses.


Your Lecturer for this online Program: Digital Citizenship – Families (Cyber World)

Eugene Beetge

 Tuit | Time to Learn

 e-Learning Specialist

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