Overview of Face To Face Workshop

Begin your journey into understanding the best practices in using a Customer Management System (CRM) system, while using X2CRM cloud platform.

Increase your sales by managing leads, sales pipeline, opportunities and processes. This workshop includes training on developing customer journeys and marketing automation.

NOTE: Order ONE workshop for 10 students per workshop.

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CRM Best Practice 

  1. Workshops are presented in short, onsite, face to face sessions.
  2. A workshop ends with a self paced quiz to be completed at the clients discretion.
  3. Each workshop can have up to 10 students for each order. So if you order, remember order a workshop for each group of 10 students.

By the end of this workshop, participants should

  1. Be comfortable using the X2CRM system comfortably
  2. Understand how to use the various functions of the X2CRM to best practise

Workshop outline & Topics:

Beginner workshop we look at the system functionality to use and work with X2ENGINE.

The syllabus for this workshop includes:

  1. CRM Overview
  2. System best use
  3. Navigating between records using hyperlinks available
  4. Relationships overview
  5. Admin module
  6. Setup roles and groups
  7. Inviting users to your system
  8. Manipulation
  9. Grid view
  10. Filtering
  11. Showing and hiding fields
  12. Creating lists
  13. Naming convention suggestions
  14. Dynamic lists
  15. Static lists
  16. Marketing
  17. Using basic web forms
  18. Using newsletter or tagged contact lists

Intermediate Workshop topics and modules in this course include:

  1. e-Mail
  2. Using lists
  3. Small bulk volumes
  4. Manage reputation
  5. Manage SPAM responses
  6. Cleaning contacts
  7. Campaigns
  8. Pre testing with various test groups
  9. e-Mail templates
  10. Explaining subject line value
  11. Workflows
  12. Taking notes all over
  13. Decision splits
  14. Documenting both legs with notes
  15. e-Mail contacts
  16. Testing workflows & checking trigger logs
  17. Exporting and importing workflows
  18. Digital marketing basics
  19. Inbound marketing explained
  20. Creating the catch net
  21. Not having anything drop on the floor
  22. Use of CTA and landing pages
  23. Tracking everything
  24. Creating
  25. Industry applications
  26. Automating your company
  27. Examples
  28. Sales management
  29. Using processes
  30. Using workflows
  31. Examples

Advanced Workshop topics and modules in this course include:

  1. eMails
  2. Cleaning lists
  3. Prior importing
  4. Mailbox validation
  5. CSV prepping
  6. Workflows
  7. Creating complex flows
  8. Flow items
  9. Decisions and criteria
  10. Preventing unplanned flows and over sending
  11. Development
  12. Data structure
  13. Comparing mySQL to interface
  14. How records link
  15. Creating
  16. Dropdowns
  17. Fields
  18. Forms
  19. Modules
  20. How to check
  21. Web-tracker
  22. Web-forms
  23. Working with cookies

Workshops outside of Gauteng include travel and accommodation for the event.

Your Lecturer for this workshop: CRM Best Practice

 Eugene Beetge

Salez | Team Leader
Sales & Marketing Specialist


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