• Supplier Shop Information Template

    Dear Tuit Shop supplier, in order for us to successfully load your details on our online shop, we require some additional information.

    NOTE: * Some fields are compulsory in order to fulfil the minimum requirements for the online shop description.

  • A short but comprehensive paragraph explaining the supplier info. This text accompanies the supplier image on the shop. No longer than one paragraph.
  • This is a more comprehensive description of your business and in what you do. This will appear as soon as someone clicks through on your short description.
  • BankAccount holders nameAccount NumberBranch Code 
    We will contact you personally to get your banking details from you.
  • Terms & Conditions
  • Fine print:

    • In order to manage consistency in design and user expectation, please note the following important points. Disalox (Pty) Ltd ta Tuit reserves the right to:
      • Change the shop images representing the supplier
      • Change the colour schemes of the shop which may include your profile to adjust to the Shop design and colour templates used
      • Change and modify the supplied information to adopt a standard throughout the suppliers on the shop.